Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I have always been fascinated by ruins.  Especially modern ruins.  We have passed this ruin many times and each time Tony says, "I'd love to stop and explore that.  I wonder what it was?"

I got to stop the other day as I went by and do some photos.  Doesn't this look like a ruin in some exotic land?  I'm going to post a couple more photos from it before I tell where it is.  If you think you know, comment and we'll see if you are right.

Okay, here's a hint . . . it is in West Texas.


Corrick family said...

Is it the school house in Kent? Danielle

Fandango Travelers said...

yep - you are too smart. Good work on the Jackson Browne song too. I always knew you were a girl after my own heart!!