Friday, April 17, 2009

A Horribly Wonderful Moment

When we have to wait for dispatches, loads, snow storms, etc, I spend time on the internet.  After I cruise my favorite 5 or 10 sites, I often turn to YouTube for mindless entertainment.  
Yesterday while listening to a radio program, I made a note to look up Susan Boyle and see what the fuss was all about.  If you are one of the other 3 people in the World who hasn't seen this most amazing woman sing, you should definitely go look her up and watch the video. 
That wasn't the Horribly Wonderful Moment listed above.

As I am wont to do when bored, I typed in TERLINGUA in the search box of YouTube. 
I'v done this before.  In fact, there a quite a number of Terlingua videos on there.  I even found a couple shot on the Porch in the Ghostown and my darling husband is singing and playing his guitar.

That wasn't the Horribly Wonderful Moment either.

I ran across someone Swinging Fire - those of you who live in Terlingua will know what this is.  If you don't live in Terlingua, you'll just have to find out for yourself.  So anyway, I found a post of a guy (I think, the video was shot in the dark) doing it.  That led me to a post of our wonderful House Sitter doing the same thing.  She has been practicing for a couple of years and is amazing!

That wasn't the Horribly Wonderful Moment either.

That led me to a post of the same guy from above (unknown fire swinger) titled, "The Terlingua Story, The story of how we came to find this amazing place on the Southern-most tip of Texas."  I clicked on the post and started listening to a young man tell the story of how he and his girlfriend were driving cross-country and ended up in Terlingua.

This wasn't the Horribly Wonderful Moment either, but we're getting close!

So a few minutes into the video (2:31 to be exact), HappyNathan pans outside the van he has been in and my jaw dropped open.  
I was looking at a corner of our house - propane tank and the YardGuard (metal sculpture).  
From there, HappyNathan proceeds to give a tour of Rancho Fandango. He, of course, thinks it is Mark and Shannon's house (no big deal) and walks inside and then outside again while talking about the wonderful place in the desert that they have landed.
We have not been home in 18 months.
In order to do this job and not get homesick, I have basically just blocked out "Home".
I had a bit of a breakdown in California one time over a Chorizo Breakfast Bowl and decided that that wasn't going to be happening any more.  So, I mostly don't focus on Home.
Well, there it was in all it's funky glory - my house!
The outside still looks ratty, but once you are inside - what a delight.  And that view! 
For those of you who know what my house looks like, you don't need to see it again.  
But for my new trucking friends, take the tour - compliments of HappyNathan.

I cried and laughed all at the same time.  
Tony described it as the Horribly Wonderful Moment.  
He was right.

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The Daily Rant said...

OK...I'm confused. This is YOUR house? How did he get inside? You just leave the door open? I don't know who Mark and Shannon are, so that might help, but I must have missed that in my blog reading.

Is this your actual house now? You guys built it yourself? Very interesting - Ed is very interested in the hay bale thing...I can't wait to show him.