Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Gift Giving and Trucking

When we decided to become full time truck drivers, we made the commitment to live our life in an 8x8x8 space for as long as we could.  
The first gift giving occasion (Christmas '07) was easy because we still needed so many things for our new jobs.  Tony and I gave each other Full Blizzard Gear - bibs, jackets, snow boots, gloves and hats - whoopeeeeee!  
Our family also helped with additional driving type things.  Eventually we ran out of needed trucking stuff and then started wondering what to do.  Gift cards filled the gap, but still weren't "just right".  
My Mom and Sister hit upon the absolutely perfect thing for my birthday this year - a gift certificate to the Oasis Day Spa here in Joplin.  
The fact that there is even a Day Spa in Joplin is astounding all by itself. 
 The story from my sis is that Mom got on the internet and phone and sleuthed out this true Oasis by getting recommendations from women she spoke with in her search.  
So I made my appointment when we hit Joplin and got to go spend a wonderful afternoon lounging around in the serenity of this Oasis.
I had decided to kick in a bit extra and go for 3 treatments
Oasis Signature Facial - This facial includes: deep cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, toning, customized mask and a relaxing hand, facial, and décolleté massage that will leave you feeling radiant.
Moroccan Scalp and Hair Treatment - Using Rassoul mud, this hair treatment will leave you stress free, while cleansing and hydrating your scalp and hair. Includes an invigorating scalp message, mud mask and rinse in the Swiss shower.
Spa Pedicure - the usual pedicure yumminess.

On Tuesday, it was off to the Spa for my afternoon.
First I was ushered into the "Back Area", given a lush robe and slippers and sent into the Ladies Locker Room.
I changed and waited in the lounge with comfy chairs and a cup of Orange Spice tea.  My facial esthetician Julie was very helpful and took a couple of pics during our scalp and facial treatment.  I look like a mummy under the steam cloths.

Then, after the steaming, we went on to the mask phase.  It was easier to breathe during this one.
When I was all finished, my skin felt so soft and smooth.  I had had a facial before, but didn't enjoy it nearly as much as this one.  Julie massaged my neck, shoulders, arms and hands as well as scalp and ears.  Oh the ears . . . she did some amazing accupressure stuff on my ears and then actually massaged them.  You have not experienced true bliss until you have had your ears massaged.
A finish in the shower with spa products was a good transition back to the "Real World".
On to the spa pedicure and a finish coat of Conga-Line Coral for my tootsies
What a delightful gift. 
Thanks Mom and Brenda,
I felt truly special and loved.

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