Sunday, October 26, 2008

Going to Canada

We are making our second trip into Canada.  Snuck the first one by ya . . . huh?  Actually, we went in for the first time just a week or so ago.  That time, we went in from Seattle and made a delivery in Vancouver, BC.  The streets were more narrow than we are used to and Tony had a very difficult dock to maneuver into for the unload.  (I was really really glad it was his shift - that place was NOT made for our large truck!).  We were back out that afternoon and on our merry way.

This time, we will be going into Canada from Detroit and making a delivery 250'ish miles away in a suburb of Toronto.  When we make that delivery, we will go on the board there in Canada and could end up coming back out through Detroit or going the shorter route out through Buffalo, New York.  I'm hoping for Buffalo, no real reason, just like that part of the world.  I'd love to stop and see Niagara Falls, but have no idea whether we'll have the time or not.

The leaves are changing as we drive around the country.  What a beautiful sight.  I have a wonderful picture of the perfectly colored autumn tree, but the camera is in the truck and Tony is sleeping.  I'll post it next time.

We did get the chains out and sorted and re-bagged for the coming Winter.  I, of course, was busy doing other things and totally forgot to take pictures.  It is pretty cool to see them all laid out.  If you are lucky (and we are not), I'll take some photos the first time we have to put them on the truck.

I am spending some time in the Taylor, Michigan terminal.  Here is a list of the things I can do while loitering in a terminal:
shower (as opposed to my normal hit/miss in public bathrooms)
laundry (even washed Leo's bed, carseat cover and harness)
downloaded some podcasts (we have become fans of a number of audio and video podcasts)
re-synched our iPods with the above podcasts
cleaned out several months of e-mail inbox clutter
caught up on all the Brad/Angelina gossip as well as weird plastic surgery pictures
mapped out our route to the border and on into Ontario (I DO actually work sometimes!)
re-arranged my playlists on iTunes.  Currently I have Jana's Groove Mix and Jana's Drive Mix on my iPod.  I'm waiting until the middle of November before succumbing to my All Christmas All the Time playlist

I also walk around the lot - it is wonderfully brisk tonight and I'll make several more turns around it on my way back to the truck.

So, there it life at the moment

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The Daily Rant said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Canada!! We've been to 11 of the 13 provinces/territories and try to get up there as often as we can.

We just got back from Newfoundland (took the truck on an 8 hour ferry crossing) but we've also been to Victoria Island in BC which is beautiful.

I would move there in a heartbeat!