Saturday, October 4, 2008

Don't we look nice?

We needed to take a day off to pick up mail, have the truck serviced, drink a glass of wine and just generally loaf for a day, so we headed into Joplin last week.   While we were there, we also had our name of choice "Fandango Travelers" put on the door of the truck.  As you can see at the right, it came out pretty good.  Leo seems to like it!

We also got the special pleasure of having a dispatch that took us through Neoso, Mo where we went to school to learn how to do this wonderful job.  The school is at Crowder College there in Neosho.  When we rolled in, they were having a cookout in the work bay there at the truck school.  I think it was graduation day for the current class.  It was good to see our two instructors, Lonnie and John and they really liked seeing the truck.  Our truck is actually a new one that they had not been inside of and so we were thrilled to show off our home.  The woman who was so helpful to me, Janice, was out and I missed getting to tell her how important she had been to me.  It was really gratifying to let Lonnie and John know that I had learned my lessons well and have become a pretty proficient driver.  I am sure that they could tell how happy Tony and I are with our new life.

Another plus of that day is that we were able to get a trailer that matched and had the time to stop and take a picture.  Aren't we beautiful?  I don't think this trailer makes my butt look big at all, do you?

We are on the turn-around part of a great set of dispatches.  We were on the West Coast - actually in San Francisco, and ended up with a dispatch taking us all the way to the East Coast where we dropped in Pennsylvania.  Now we have picked up another load in Pennsylvania and are cruising back through the MidWest headed for Sacramento.  This will be a nice fat paycheck!  

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