Monday, February 18, 2008

Los Angeles - the Fondue Pot of America

I hitched up my britches and decided to forge ahead from Oklahoma City.  The temp had risen just above freezing so the rain was just really, really wet.  Clear skies the rest of the way on out to LA.  We arrived noonish on Sunday, scoped out our drop sight for the next morning and headed on into the truckstop.  Since it was so early and the day was so beautiful, we decided to venture out and see what was happening here.  A cab ride landed us at Victoria Gardens in Rancho Cucamonga.  This place is awesome - basically it is a really big mall that has been turned inside/out.  First stop was a great pub called "The Flying Pig" for some adult beverages.  After fortifying ourselves, we strolled out onto the mall and entered the stream of humanity.  I had only been to LA once for a night drop that we did a couple of weeks ago - Tony didn't have a whole lot more experience here.   
My overall impression is that "anything goes" here.  It is like the Creator tumbled everything and everyone together here and said, "There are no rules - do as you please...just be nice to each other".  We saw every combination of ethnicity and gender possible, but the overwhelming unifying factor was how well behaved and pleasant everyone was.  Multigenerational families were out strolling with babies in strollers and grandma's on walkers.  Huge families - often  10 or so members in one group.  The weather was mild - just cool enough for sleeves.  The mall has actual streets running all through it and cars were parked along the curbs.  The cars were all sparkling clean and gleaming . . . just like the people.
I know that America and more pointedly New York City have been called "The Melting Pot", well; LA is more like a "Fondue Pot" with everyone covered in a coating of warm white "niceness".  I really can't put into words how incredible our experience was last night - I guess I'll quit trying and just get on with my day.
I have a delivery to make this morning and then we will go "On the Board" and see where we head to next.
Until later...


moviechick said...

Great Blog! I see you have been enjoying your travels, I think it is wonderful that you are having the opportunity to take that time. (I'm jealous) All we have seen is Iowa snow :(
Ken & I will be watching the news.
Have fun Ken & Jo Hoffart

Pen said...

You go girl!!! I have already tried twice to get on this thing so we'll see if I make it. This is a great way to keep interested folks apprised and keep a journal at the same time. I loved the "Fondue Pot" description. Keep on having fun. Pen