Saturday, February 16, 2008

Big Deep Breath . . . here I go!

"Okay, take a big deep breath and start blogging." I am repeating this over and over to myself as I begin this blog.   Sending out an e-mail to folks who know me is one thing, putting my words out for all the world to read is an entirely different feeling.  Almost dizzying, in fact.  (Now there's the perfect example, is "dizzying" even a real word?)  And punctuation is a whole other issue.  I haven't had my punctuation checked since I graduated from College.  I think I'll just blog like I talk and throw caution to the wind.  If anyone feels compelled to correct my grammar or spelling, please feel free to do so.  In fact, any comments will be appreciated - that way I'll know you're reading this.
We are parked in Oklahoma City at a truckstop.  I stopped here to fuel (in the trucking world, we don't "buy gas", we "get fuel") and noticed that the rain had frozen on my handhold as I got down from the truck.  Then another truck pulled in beside me and it was encased in a coating of ice.  When I asked where he had come from, he replied, "Amarillo".  This is of course, the way we are heading.  I have driven this stretch several times and know that there really isn't much between here and there, so made the decision to stop.  The weather seems to indicate that this will pass through fairly quickly and go on to bedevil the eastern portion of the country.  It is still dark now, but I have found that weather often tends to get a little better once it is daylight.  Maybe it is just easier for me to deal with.
Anyway, we are heading out to California - LA area.  We have a decent arrival time on this one, don't have to deliver until 8:00 a.m. on Monday.  We had hoped to sneak into LA and be at our drop site on Sunday night - may not make it now.
Our new truck is great - roomy and nice to drive.  As soon as I get the hang of this, I'll post pictures as well.


BMc said...

OK, so I went through all the hoops to register just so I could comment. The blog looks fabulous. You are such a risk taker these days! In view of all of the new adventures, You might want to check out the first couple of chapters of the book of Joshua. God gives some great advice: "Fear Not". So, keep 'em coming! I will be a fan for sure.

lita said...

Yes! I finally got through the hoops, too! I love the news and all the details - keep it going! You know I'm living vicariously through you - I could never get the big guy to do what you guys are doing. Love you,

Danielle said...

So good to see the blog! It looks great! You go, girl! :)

Danielle and family back in Big Bend