Friday, August 5, 2011

Please Standby . . .

My mojo has been sent to camp with DaMomma and will be returning later this week.
DaMomma has been on may daily reading list since I started reading blogs and aspired to write my own. You can chck out her blog: "Motherhood is Not for Wimps" here: 
She will be teaching it how to sing and dance and "have a show in the barn!".
Well . . . she will be doing an editing seminar with a post of mine at a MAJOR blogging scene.
And, she has given me a much needed "attagirl" by way of choosing my piece to use as a good content, could be better writing example.

We have been running fairly steady recently and this is a photo of our view most of the time. Summer is the season for bugs, lots of traffic and, our favorite . . . roadwork.

Welcome to all new readers. Enjoy your tour and I will see you in a day or so with a refreshed "Mojo".

In the meantime, please have a look around at previous posts as well as some old favorites located in the sidebar.

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