Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring on the Dash

We flew into Joplin on Sunday afternoon and were back on the road by Monday afternoon. Whew. .

My daffodils were just starting to bloom, so I grabbed some to bring Spring into our tiny world.

Please note the elegant seltzer water vase and the classic duct tape vase holder.

The truck smells like Easter.


all things bradbury said...

i'm tellin ya, we think alot alike!! don't have the real thing in the truck...(yet)...but i took a pic out of a magazine the other day and taped it to the sleeper wall.....i was needing a little dose of spring!!...i love the duct tape vase holder!!

Corrick family said...

I love the duct tape vase holder, too! The daffodils are beautiful - glad you had a nice few days off! How's it looking for the DC bloom?

Fandango Travelers said...

Doesn't look so good for the DC CHERRY BLOSSOMS. we have unplanned with our dispatcher, but if the winds of fate blow us ANYWHERE close, I will try to take fulll advantage!