Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Running Hard

We have been on this job now for just over 8 months and have almost 150,000 miles under our belts.  We thought we were running hard at times during that  period.  We thought wrong!  It seems that we have passed some kind of benchmark or test and we are now running with the Big Boys.  Our personal dispatch (thanks, Dad) has reported that we are on our way to a 25k month.  That was the goal that we had hoped to reach after our first year.

So if you see a streak of light flying low on the horizon, it is probably Con-Way tractor #24210.


kerry_ohare said...

WOO-HOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'M SO PROUD!!!

BMc said...

Been catching up on the Blog. Wonderful as ever. Don't much care for the part about settling somewhere far from Texas. Come to think of it though, it would give us a beautiful place to visit . . .