Saturday, June 21, 2008


We are on vacation!!!!!  Real fun time off that doesn't include doctors and other "have to" kind of stuff.  We were in Dallas with a highlight for Odessa coming up in 5 days and there just wasn't any freight for us to run with and still be back in Odessa by Tuesday.  The bad news is that we are off  and not earning any money for 5 days that we hadn't counted on.  The good news is that we decided to made lemonade and go explore Arkansas.  We got a great deal on a rental car and headed off to our first night in Hope, Arkansas.  

Leo napped/guarded  while we cruised up to Little Rock and had a great day.  The Clinton Presidential Library was awesome and we got to go to a Farmer's Market as well.  The produce was so beautiful and smelled absolutely wonderful.  We weren't able to buy anything this time, but did enjoy simply being there.  I used our new digital camera and took some pictures.  As soon as I learn how to get them onto the computer, I'll actually try to post them.  

The plan for tomorrow is to lay around the hotel room and do absolutely nothing.  Might be a good time to experiment with the iPhoto program on the laptop and see what I can do with the new pictures.  I'll keep you posted. . . 


BMc said...

Sounds just like you to make lemonade from lemons. Hope you had a great trip. Did you check out any of the Parents' honeymoon spots?

Golfer Girl said...

O.K. I breezed back through the old postings and don't see the answer. Where is home base? Odessa? If ya'll are stopped in Dallas for vacation, but drove to Arkansas, who is babysitting the truck? Is it in Truck Summer camp having fun while ya'll are away? You know, hanging around the nightly camp fires roasting lug nuts, swapping stories about the scariest run, or lying about who has the best "I scared the *&%%^ out of a Honda" story? Enjoy the vacation. They don't seem to come soon enough for most of us.