Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Getting locked out is no fun!

Boy, do I feel silly.  I managed to lock myself out of here for a couple of weeks.  March was really busy for us on the road.  In addition, I had to finalize Rancho Fandango taxes and deal with Micah's financial aid stuff.  All of that is finally finished and now that I finally figured out how to get back into this thing, I'll work on keeping it up. . . Promise.

We are in lovely California right now getting ready to make a run up the coast to Seattle.  It is a really tight run as far as time goes, but one of the more scenic ones that we do.  Heck, I can't really think of a run that we have done that wasn't scenic.

Spring is busting out all over and I am absolutely loving it.  After living in the desert for 20 years, I had really forgotten what spring is like.  So far it is green and soggy and even smells like something is growing out there - what a change from spring in Terlingua.

More later as I get my "writer-thang back again".

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Danielle said...

Yea! Missed you guys! xoxo Danielle